Thyssen-Laughlin, Inc. is a Civil General Contractor specializing in a broad range of difficult infrastructure projects.

Thyssen-Laughlin, Inc. has successfully completed projects involving large complex concrete structures, large diameter steel and concrete piping, tunneling, mechanical, electrical for both power and instrumentation, and buildings associated with these projects. Projects have included structures and piping in excess of 65 feet below finished grade and significantly below surrounding water tables.

A partial listing of project types completed include water and sewer plants, lift stations, pump stations, valve vaults, line piping, concrete lined detention basins, fueling systems, lubricants and products systems, sludge stabilization, dewatering and solidification, marine construction and erosion control.

Many of the projects have included environmental issues pertaining to contaminated soil and water requiring characterization, special regulatory management, personnel protection, treatment and regulated disposal.
Laughlin Thyssen, Inc. prides itself with innovative solutions to difficult projects to maintain schedules and cost control.